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Connect Solutions from MinistryResource engages your members and visitors alike, as soon as they come through the door...

Our Connect kiosk software has over a dozen modules that cover more than just giving and child check-in, it is a hub where members and visitors can get important information fast.
We offer 100% ad-free web streaming, high definition, 6 hours of archived video and more at the most competitive price.
We offer web development, content management systems, and the expertise to create engaging websites.

With Connect you can...

  • Accept donations directly at the kiosk or on a handheld device. Process credit card payments at nonprofit rates.

  • Display the facility layout and directional information about the church building. Then, print or send to any smart device.

  • Check children in and out of the nursery quickly and easily. Parent/child relationships are maintained so that safety is never an issue. Quickly identify authorized guardians and send alerts to parents and staff.

  • Use the calendar to advertise events, share information, and view meeting times. Highlight special events; and even register at the kiosk.

  • Learn about ministries at a glance: women’s, men’s, youth, music, homeless, and more! Include in depth information or basic facts... like meeting times.

  • Educate your congregation about missionaries sponsored by the church or advertise upcoming mission trips. Display all your ministry outreach programs on one station.

  • Use Connect to avoid long lines at the church bookstore.

  • Submit prayer requests, volunteer opportunities, and more at the kiosk. Everyone gets Connected and stays Connected!

Connect Solutions Hardware

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Web-based admin tool makes changes and updates easy.

Customization options allow the user to upload church logos, graphics and photos.

Administrative tools allow you to set permissions and utilize church staff in the most effective and efficient way.

Scalable system allows you to add more kiosks as needed. The cloud-based software allows all the units to work in unison, whether you have one or one thousand.